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  • Ordering Info

Orders can be done in store or online. We do sell out of items fairly quickly, so ordering online is a great option but not the only option. If you come in store, we have items available Tuesday through Saturday as we are closed Sunday and Monday. If you order online, you can choose from pickup days on Wednesday through Saturday.

  • Pickup/Delivery/Shipping

All items are available for in store pickup. Delivery in Erie 80516 zip code is available, but please email us or call the bakery to have an online order delivered. We do not offer delivery outside of the 80516 zip code. There are some items available for shipping. CLICK HERE   for more information.

Our cupped cakes come in an 8 ounce cup, and then are filled with cake, filling and frosting. We add new flavors monthly. Although we keep them in the fridge to preserve freshness, they are best eaten at room temp because it softens the buttercream but also the cake will become more moist as the butter/oils start to soften and warm up. They are little cups of heaven! We have a lot of different flavors to choose from! We have ones that are perfect for sweet tooth's and those that like less sweet. Come in and check them out!

DP's freshly baked cookies are available daily. There are 5-7 flavors available at a given time. And if you haven't tried them, you should!

We bake our cinnamon rolls fresh every Saturday morning. We offer a few different flavors of sweet rolls. We change flavors seasonally. We recommend to order ahead because the rolls sell out by Saturday morning. We open up orders for rolls every Sunday.
We do Gluten Free cinnamon rolls on the 2nd Saturday of the Month. Here are the dates for 2021:
August 14th, September 11th, October 9th, November 13th
We will not being July due to the holiday.
December we will be offering for Christmas.

We offer 6" cakes (serves 12 people). We offer a variety of standard designs that you can ask us to incorporate certain colors into the design. We recommend ordering as soon as you know that you want a cake. We have a limited number available and do sell out. If available, they can be ordered within 48 hours. If you want more than 12 servings, we suggest adding Cupped Cakes or traditional cupcakes.

We have traditional cupcakes available to order online. The are great for large events. We have 6 different flavors you can choose from. Orders are for a 1/2 dozen per flavor. If you want more flavors and/or options to order less than a 1/2 dozen, please check out our cupped cakes.

  • Retail Sweets

DP's has a variety of treats in addition to our cupped cakes. These are always changing to keep you on your toes and give you a new taste to your palette. Usually, we add new treats every few months or when there is a holiday.

  • Business orders

If you are a business looking to order for an event, please email us at We do events for businesses often and would love to talk to you about your next event!

  • Wholesale items

If you are interested in having our items in your retail shop, please email us at We love our wholesale clients!

  • Gluten Free Items

We have a variety of gluten free items available in store. We do not have these listed online due to the fact that there is limited quantity. Please feel free to call ahead to check the availability. Gluten free cupped cakes are usually stocked on Thursday afternoons.
Please note, we bake in a gluten full kitchen, so our items are not "gluten Free" but they are gluten sensitive. 

  • Other Allergens

We are not an allergen friendly bakery. We use nuts, dairy, corn, oats and soy in many of products. Cross-contamination does and will happen, so please enjoy at your own risk if you are trying to avoid certain allergens.

  • Wedding Orders

Please email us if you are inquiring about a wedding at

  • Mailed treats

If you would like us to mail a sweets package to somebody special, please email us at and we would love to put a sweet package together for you. 

  • Decorated Sugar Cookies

We have decorated sugar cookies during holidays and for retail, so keep an eye out on the website for those. If you are a business looking to order decorated sugar cookies for an event, please email us at

Here are some referrals for local custom cookie ladies:

  • The Cookie Lady

Danielle Buys (Erie)
p: (832) 216-0552
Social: @d_thecookielady (instagram)

  • Sweets by Shelby

Shelby Cowell (Erie)
p: 720-224-4698
w: Facebook Group


  • Sweet Ashley Line (Erie)

p: 720-635-2063
w: Facebook

  • Custom Cakes and Cupcakes

Danay has decided to back off from custom cakes so she can spend more time with her children. Custom cakes are a lot of work, and Danay's first love. However, there have been some family circumstances that has taken her away from the bakery. Please take a look at our collections of  cakes  available online.


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