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Flavor Profile: Vanilla cake with American buttercream!

Great for a snack or to put a smile on someone's face!  Perfect for a birthday gift! It's an individual serving.

Size: 6x2x1


Our delicious sugar cookies are frosted with white royal icing. And then we add on a cute picture with black royal icing. Kids and adults can decorate these cute cookies using a food coloring palette (4 colors) and a paintbrush (both included) and water!
Where chocolate chip cookie meets oreo meets brownie! It is a HUGE treat and just divine. Sharable among friends, only if you wish.

When you were a kid, remember how you used to take a spoon directly to the cookie dough bowl?  Rekindle those feelings without the risk of an upset belly.  Introducing DP's Sweet Life's Edible Cookie Dough Bites!

Made with pasteurized eggs and heat treated flour, this DELICIOUS cookie dough is 'oh so good' and ready to eat!

Available for In Store Pick up only.

Rice treats are drizzled with chocolate and sprinkles. They are roughly 3"x3" 

Colors will vary!
Colors and sprinkles will vary. We usually decorate to the season or holiday!
The Sweetest gift you can give!
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