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DP's Sweet Life's World's Best Cinnamon Rolls (WBCR's) are a fan favorite and an absolute must purchase!  Our WBCR's are made from scratch and ONLY available for pickups on Saturdays from 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM at the bakery in Erie, Colorado. If you forget to grab your cinnamon rolls on Saturday, no worries, you can grab them anytime during the following week through Thursday. If they do not get picked up by Thursday, we discard them. We do not offer replacements or refunds if you forget to pick up your cinnamon rolls.  

When you order this product online, you are reserving your WBCR's for pickup on the upcoming Saturday after your order date.  For instance, if you place your order here on a Monday, your WBCR's will be ready five days later on the upcoming Saturday.  If you place your order here on a Thursday, your WBCR's will be ready two days later on the upcoming Saturday.  

You'll want to order this product ahead of time... they are that good.


Flavor Details - Chocolate cake with peanut butter swiss, chocolate fudge buttercream, and peanut butter cup topping.

What is a cupped cake you ask?

Each cup has the approximate weight of two cupcakes worth of volume.  At the bottom of each cup is a circle of cake filled with various amazing frostings, fillings, and toppings.  You eat them with a spoon and, if covered, can be fresh in your fridge for up to three weeks!  These are the PERFECT item for adults and kids alike!  


Flavor Profile: Semi-sweet chocolate chips, toffee, and browned butter

Cookies come in 6-packs. If sold out online, just give us a call or come in and we will bake a fresh pack for you. 


These are heaven in every bite! Bella Macaron is the genius creator behind these glorious treats.  Every pack comes in a variety of flavors giving your tastebuds a surprise every time.  This item is Gluten Free. 


Flavor Details - Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Fudge Frosting and Fudge Buttercream.


Pick up bake-at-home cinnamon rolls anytime during the week! These rolls need to be raised and then baked. This process takes about 90 minutes so please plan accordingly. Bake-At-Home rolls come with instructions and a side of cinnamon roll frosting to put on once they are baked.

FLAVOR PROFILE: DP's signature sugar cookie. A buttery sugar cookie topped with our delicious royal icing. Only shapes we are currently creating are 3" circles. These are sold by the dozen.

These are awesome for business events, graduations, birthday parties, or any type of occasion. We can print just about any logo, image, color, etc. Either you can provide us with images or we can help create one for you. ***If we are creating one for you, we will do one design per dozen***

We need at least 24 hours notice for 3 dozen or fewer cookies. If you are ordering more than 3 dozen, please give us 48 hours notice. 

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