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Covid-19... social distancing... quarantine.  It's not easy having a birthday right now as most celebrations have canceled.  Even in these crazy times, we think that everyone should have a beautiful and tasty cake on their birthday.  For the short term, in lieu of our large custom cakes, we are proud to introduce DP's Sweet Life's Exclusive Line of Quarantine Cakes!

Each of our Quarantine Cakes are 6", two-layer cakes which feed up to 12 servings.  PERFECT for a family to celebrate and then have seconds.  Flavors for our line of Quarantine Cakes will be Vanilla, Chocolate, or Strawberry and in terms of design, our customers can choose from a colorful sprinkle cake. ***BECAUSE OF SUPPLY ISSUES, GLUTEN FREE WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE***

Order online and choose the day that you would like to obtain the order via curbside pickup. ***CAKES WILL BE AVAILABLE AFTER 3PM ON REQUESTED DATE, SO PLAN ACCORDINGLY*** If you request delivery, we will deliver between 3-5pm on requested date. 


Want to keep the tradition of blowing out the birthday candles but are worried about the spread of germs in these crazy times?  Well fear no more.  Introducing the Birthday Wish-Maker: The Germ Free Way to Blow Out Birthday Candles!

This handheld device is easy to use for anyone celebrating their birthday whether they have four candles in their cake or over one hundred.  Just hold, aim, and squeeze... it couldn't be more easy!  Available in three fun colors, the Birthday Wish-Maker is the safe, fun, and practical solution to the germ ridden tradition of blowing out your birthday candles.

Dishwasher safe.  Ships via USPS to the continental US.  Please allow seven days for processing and handling.  Guaranteed to blow out standard birthday candles.  Not approved for other uses at this time.  

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